Our Legal Team

Traci Fleury

​Chief Compliance & Communications Officer

About Traci

Traci Fleury is the Chief Compliance and Communications Officer at Parton Law. Her primary responsibility is ensuring full compliance with the laws, rules, policies and procedures of all regulatory agencies.


Prior to joining Parton Law, she was a senior level administrator in two different law schools. She has extensive experience driving successful outcomes in academic and corporate environments, with particular expertise providing leadership and project management toward achieving organizational strategic goals. 

Traci has significant and direct experience working with accrediting and licensing agencies identifying compliance vulnerabilities and risk areas as well as crisis communication and management. 

Traci earned her Bachelors Degree from the University of South Florida, her Masters Degree from Rutgers University, and she holds a Certificate in Corporate Compliance. Outside of her professional role, Traci enjoys spending time with her family, friends and her labradoodle, Cooper.