Practice Areas

What is Civil Litigation?

Litigation involves the legal process used to mediate, settle, and ultimately adjudicate monetary related disputes. In business relationships, disagreements with regard to the rights or obligations of the involved parties often arise despite the parties’ best efforts and intentions.​

Parton Law’s attorneys work hard to negotiate creative, practical, bottom-line driven solutions. When litigation is inevitable, however, business clients can take comfort in the experience, professionalism, preparation and resolve that Parton Law’s attorneys bring to the courtroom for every matter.

Administrative Agency Contests

Whenever the State or Federal Government try to take away or deny a person’s license to work or operate their business, that person has a right to contest that the Government’s actions through the agency’s administrative judicial system and, if necessary, in State or Federal Court. Parton Law puts its full arsenal of litigation experience, knowledge of investigation and prosecution tactics used by agencies, and familiarity in dealing with government bodies squarely in its client’s corner to ensure that their rights are protected. Parton Law stands ready to fight to preserve what you have worked hard to build.

Animal Law

​Even though animals often feel like family, North Carolina law treats them as personal property, and they are subject to civil claims and actions. From custody and ownership rights, defense of claims for destruction of property, injury caused by animals and even adversarial proceedings with homeowners’ associations, Parton Law fights for their clients’ rights to have and enjoy their furry friends. Mr. Parton is a dog lover and an experienced deer hunter. He has been a guest speaker at Animal Law classes at Charlotte School of Law, and has had his research and writing on farm animal pollutants and the Federal Clean Water Act published by the American Bar Association.

​Business & Contractual Disputes

​Mr. Parton is a lifelong entrepreneur who started his own law firm immediately out of law school and has a passion for working with business owners. Parton Law’s attorneys are familiar with the complexities associated with running your own business, and they understand the importance of employing efficient, effective solutions to difficult problems and are experts at establishing practical, pre-emptive processes to avoid help their clients avoid costly disputes in the future. Parton Law believes in negotiating from a position of strength, using litigation as a tool to achieve just outcomes for their business clients allowing them to get back to doing what they do best. When litigation does become necessary, Parton Law has the tools, experience and knowledge necessary to enforce their clients’ monetary rights and protect their interests.

​Avoiding Litigation

The extensive experience the attorneys at Parton Law have litigating business disputes gives them a unique knowledge of the potential problems that can arise in the high paced, competitive corporate environment.  From corporation formation, to effective lease drafting and ensuring proper licensing and registration with state and local governments, Parton Law puts its business clients in the best possible position to avoid costly litigation.

Construction Litigation

​Disagreements surrounding large scale commercial construction projects typically involve complicated tiers of contractors and payment schedules and multiple individuals and companies all with competing interests. Parties often find themselves entrenched in crippling disputes about payment or project completion that hinder all the parties’ ability to make money. Parton Law’s attorneys have the experience necessary to navigate the exceedingly complex and ever-changing North Carolina Statutes regulating the construction industry, and know how to give their clients the best chance to get paid and get back to work quickly.

Strategic Use of Statutory Liens

​​When a client is deciding whether or not to file a lawsuit, it is important to analyze what assets a defendant has and whether the defendant will actually be able to pay-up after losing at trial. Sometimes, a defendant has assets, but they’re extremely limited.   In those cases, clients may be rightfully concerned that the defendant will start dumping assets once they sense litigation coming. Fortunately, under Article 35 in Chapter 1 of the North Carolina General Statutes, there is a mechanism to bring the defendant’s assets under the custody of the court until the conclusion of the case.  Attachment is available in any case that is seeking to secure a judgment for money upon a showing that the defendant has an intent to defraud its creditors by disposing of the property or removing property from the state.  Strategic use of the attachment process can greatly increase a client’s likelihood of actually collecting any judgment they are entitled too, removing a significant source of uncertainty that comes with filing a lawsuit.

Corporate Shareholder Rights Litigation

In North Carolina, even minority shareholders have a right to monitor and have a say in the operation of businesses that they own a part of. Parton Law understands how to assert and defend your rights as a shareholder, and is experienced in counseling clients on the delicate balance between fighting for what you are entitled to, and exercising sound business judgment so that you can continue doing business. Parton Law stands ready to fight for private corporations and their shareholders.

Defamation, Libel, & Slander

In North Carolina, you may have a right to file a lawsuit for defamation (often referred to as “libel” for written words, and “slander” for spoken words) when someone makes a false statement about you to others which damages your reputation. Defamation claims are unique among civil causes of action in that in some instances, depending on the nature of the statement, the Court will instruct the jury to presume that a plaintiff’s reputation has been financially harmed. These claims must be filed quickly after the false statement is made, so if you think you have a defamation case it is important you contact an attorney immediately. Parton Law is experienced in litigating defamation cases in the modern digital age, and understands that each client’s reputation is valuable. Parton Law stands ready to fight for you and zealously defend your reputation when it has been harmed.

Owners’ Association Litigation & Property Rights Litigation

​Parton Law has extensive experience in handling a wide range of issues effecting residential and commercial owners’ association clients. Our personalized attention to our clients’ needs and concerns is paramount. Both the Homeowner and Association have rights, responsibilities, and protections under North Carolina Law, and Parton Law is experienced in asserting and protecting those rights.

North Carolina Statutes
Condominium Act (NCGS § 47C-3-102)

NC Planned Community Act (NCGS § 47F-3-102)

Nonprofit Corporation Act (NCGS § 55A-1)

Unit Ownership Act (NCGS § 47A et seq.)

Parallel Proceedings

Most often, parallel proceedings involve circumstances where there is litigation between private parties while there is a parallel charge or investigation by a government agency involving the same underlying facts or issues. Our team of lawyers is highly skilled in managing parallel proceedings and developing strategies around key moments in each proceeding to avoid adverse implications and seize advantages for our clients. Parton Law and has a track record of achieving successful outcomes in parallel proceedings and stands ready to fight for your interests on both fronts.


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Volunteer & Pro-Bono

​Parton Law understands that there is often a disparity between those in need of legal services and those who can afford them. The attorneys and staff at Parton Law have a deep commitment to putting their skills and resources to good use in the community by serving the under-served. Parton Law is proud to have had attorneys inducted into North Carolina State Bar’s Pro Bono Honor Society in 2017 and 2019. Parton Law’s attorneys have worked with organizations such as Charlotte Council of Elders’ Expunction Project, the Citizens’ Review Board, CSL’s Civil Rights Clinic, & Safe Alliance.