Experienced Attorneys Committed to Finding Solutions For Our Clients

Experienced Attorneys Committed to Finding Solutions For Our Clients

About Parton Law

​At Parton Law, PLLC we understand that on the road to where you’re going, there are a variety of speed bumps, obstacles and detours. Our legal team partners with clients across North Carolina to identify and tailor solutions to the stressful challenges that come when facing litigating business and financial issues. Our attorneys are experienced and know what it takes to get results. We take pride in our ability to solve problems, seizing each opportunity of advantage for our clients.

Corey Parton featured in Fortune and Forbes


Corey Parton featured in Fortune & Forbes!

What is Civil Litigation?

Litigation involves the legal process used to mediate, settle, and ultimately adjudicate monetary related disputes. In business relationships, disagreements with regard to the rights or obligations of the involved parties often arise despite the parties’ best efforts and intentions.​

Parton Law’s attorneys work hard to negotiate creative, practical, bottom-line driven solutions. When litigation is inevitable, however, business clients can take comfort in the experience, professionalism, preparation and resolve that Parton Law’s attorneys bring to the courtroom for every matter.

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Our Civil Litigation Practice Areas

Administrative Agency Contest 

Animal Law

Business & Contractual Disputes

Construction Litigation

Corporate Shareholder Rights

Defamation, Libel, & Slander

Owners’ Association Disputes

Parallel Proceedings

Volunteer Services & Pro-Bono

Corey was an awesome person to work with. He was extremely realistic and ensured that I got the most out of my situation. Corey was even willing to help me after my situation dispersed, and minor things surfaced later on. Definitely recommend them!