Corey Parton in Fortune & Forbes: Charlotte Leaders in Law

Corey Parton, the driving force behind Parton Law, has rapidly become a notable figure in entrepreneurial litigation. From the outset, Corey set out to redefine the landscape of commercial litigation to better serve businesses, aligning legal strategies with their unique objectives. His journey and successes are now featured in a compelling article by Fortune & Forbes, emphasizing his innovative approach to resolving business disputes.

Revolutionizing Commercial Litigation

After law school, Corey Parton established Parton Law, bringing a fresh perspective to commercial litigation. His firm primarily serves closely held LLCs, expertly navigating complex disputes ranging from contract breaches to corporate shareholder rights. What sets Corey apart is not just his courtroom prowess but his business-savvy approach to litigation. As someone who built his law firm from scratch, Corey understands the challenges business owners face. He views each case through the lens of a business owner, ensuring that legal strategies not only aim to win but also align with the broader business objectives and financial health of the company.

A Unique Approach to Business Disputes

Corey’s method goes beyond traditional litigation. He emphasizes understanding the unique dynamics and financial contexts of each client’s business. His philosophy is that litigation should be a financial decision, not just a battle to be won at all costs. This approach allows him to craft strategies that protect shareholders and maintain vital business relationships, rather than pursuing victory without regard to its broader impact. His success is measured by the positive outcomes he achieves for his clients, reflecting his commitment to their long-term success.

Corey Parton’s dedication to entrepreneurial litigation has made him a pivotal figure in North Carolina’s legal scene. He remains committed to giving a voice to the underdog and finding creative solutions that support business growth and sustainability.

We invite you to read the full article in Fortune & Forbes to gain deeper insights into how Corey Parton is shaping the future of commercial litigation. His story is not just about legal victories but about fostering a new era of business-oriented litigation.